Handmade Hawaiian Quilts and More!!

ALOHA, Welcome to the Gr8 Hawaiian Gift Company, we're a Division of TEC Ventures Hawaii; specializing in custom hand quilted Hawaiian Quilts and selected Island inspired products and Art.  REDUCED SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 150.00 DOLLARS AND FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 500.00 DOLLARS!!!

Gill Porcelain Hula Sculptures

Imagine Hawaii from yesteryear, gentle ocean breezes and the swaying palm trees of Waikiki. Now for the first time a fine line of Porcelain figurines that will grace any collection of Hawaiiana. Taken from the images of the unknown and mysterious Artist only known as Gill who is believed to have come to the Islands in the early 30's or 40's, these images evoke the early days of America's romance with the Islands.

Hula B Blue woman in sarong. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula R Red woman graceful dancer. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula RG Red Guy Drummer. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula BR Brown Girl with Fish Basket. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula BG Brown Guy with Net. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula Y Yellow Girl with cascading Lei. Porcelain/Resin. 10h. $80.00

Hula BLG Blue Guy with Ukulele. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula YG Yellow Guy with Spear. Porcelain. 10h. $80.00

Hula L Blue Girl in Lei Stand. Porcelain. Although not an image by Gill, it's done in the same artistic style depicting the old days in Hawaii and an essential part of any collectors set. 10h. $160.00